★Stolen★ YPU 817S


ADDED: 18-Dec-13 This camper belongs to Paul sillwood stolen from bovington in Hertfordshire STOLEN my VW Camper was stolen this evening, if anyone sees a yellow type2 DEVON reg no YPU 817S Please let me or the police know. It is yellow with a white roof, hand painted and has 1 green door … [Read more...]

★Stolen★ Poppy


ADDED: 28-Nov-2013 (information taken from The Shropshire Star: http://www.shropshirestar.com/news/2013/11/28/thieves-steal-shropshire-familys-treasured-camper-van/) Matt and Emma Lowe and their family pictured on a break with their much-loved camper van “Poppy” before it was … [Read more...]



ADDED: 11-Nov-2013 RECOVERED safely and returned to Neil   Neil's doka stolen last night (Sunday 10th Nov) from Surrey. - H381DKE - blue double cab - bule vindic - roof rack - volvo engine - mercedes ml alloy wheels Please can you keep an eye out and repost this to any VW … [Read more...]

★Stolen★ JYK 503K


ADDED: 11-Nov-2013 Hi guys and girls. I'm sadly announcing the theft of my 1972 Camper. Reg : JYK 503k It was taken late last week from a driveway in Whitchurch, Bristol. "kevin" was "sorn" as he needed some work to get him back on the road. Our good friend Séan Michael Russell travelled … [Read more...]

★Stolen★ P586 KRJ


ADDED: 07-Nov-2013 ** STOLEN IN CASTLEFIELDS ** This van was stolen from outside the owner's house in Castlefields this morning 06/11/13 between 7 and 10.30. If anyone sees it or has any information please contact the police. Registration P586 KRJ Please can you keep an eye out and repost … [Read more...]

★Stolen★ E424 UNY


ADDED: 02-Nov-2013 STOLEN LAST NIGHT!!Stolen from Ilchester near Yeovil. Please if you saw it or have any info contact Los Parmiter. Thanks   … [Read more...]

★Stolen★ W809 CFV


ADDED: 01-Nov-2013 ** STOLEN IN LIVERPOOL ** "Our "Green Dragon" VW Caravelle (W809CFV) was stolen last night from outside the house. The thieves broke into the house and took the spare keys from the hall drawer and were away . Sometime between 11pm (31st October) and 3am. (1st … [Read more...]

★Stolen★ MFK403V


ADDED: 30-Sep-2013 Late bay Viking stolen from Moseley, Birmingham, MFK 403V Sunday 29th September http://thelatebay.com/index.php?threads%2Flate-bay-viking-stolen-from-moseley-birmingham.29738%2F … [Read more...]

★Stolen★ B722RLP


ADDED: 28-Sep-2013 ** STOLEN ** Please share & let's help this dubber get their beloved dub back! Call 07790903362 if seen http://bit.ly/stolen-B722RLP … [Read more...]

★Stolen★ C807TRF


ADDED: 24-Sep-2013 ** STOLEN ** http://bit.ly/stolen-C807TRF T25 - from Northenden sometime this morning Has a dent to the right back wheelarch Registration C807TRF Please can you keep an eye out and repost this to any VW clubs you know Thank you very much.... Contact … [Read more...]